What We Do

Welcome to TrendPulse, the one-stop creative resource dedicated to interiors and home product design and development.

Created and edited by a team of industry experts, the TrendPulse online service is a dynamic and highly visual research tool.

It gives insights into global trends in lifestyle and home interior products and is used by retailers, suppliers, buyers, merchandisers and designers working in the lifestyle and home interiors markets worldwide.

Its instant, user-friendly format provides inspirational images and analysis of key directions in home décor.

The affordable online subscription service gives fast and easy access to the information you need, and lets the images tell the story.


TrendPulse Image Galleries

The living archive of thousands of original images are presented in a series of galleries devoted to Retail,the leading industry Trade Shows in Europe and the US, plus our own Inspiration showcase of favourite new directional finds from around the world.

Constantly up-dated, with concise, searchable keywords, images are presented in simple, clearly edited stories based on concept, design or colour – e.g. romantic floral prints; black/white graphics; bright outdoor tableware, etc.

Trade show images include exhibitor details for easy cross-referencing to enable retailers to source new products and contact manufacturers.

Available for download in jpeg format, all images are in high resolution to provide an invaluable time-efficient tool for creating mood boards and presentations.

Most of the images featured on TrendPulse are originated by us and are therefore available to our clients copyright free.

Colour and Trend Forecasts

The online subscription also includes our comprehensive TrendPulse Colour Forecast and Seasonal Trend Directions, published twice yearly, 24 months ahead of the season for PDF download.

Additional Bespoke Services

The TrendPulse studio offers a bespoke, Consultancy service to clients looking for some expert help with specific product or home environment range development, covering bed, bath, tabletop, gifts, kitchen, textiles, stationery and toiletries.

The TrendPulse studio is based in London, headed by creative directors Sarah Shepherd and Sally Nettleton. Each has over 20 years’ experience in the interiors and design industry, specialising in trend and colour forecasting for commercial markets.