Take The Tour - Colour & Trend

The TrendPulse Colour and TrendPulse Trend Forecasts are both produced twice yearly, 24 months ahead of the season. They are published in PDF format for easy and instant download.

TrendPulse Colour offers an inspirational palette of colours using the Pantone colour system, set out in colour themes, accompanied by descriptive text and inspirational imagery.

The continual development of colour is tracked with regular colour updates and confirmation reports throughout the season.

TrendPulse Trend Forecasts include inspirational, conceptual visual research to provoke and kick-start the creative process. Twice yearly future focused trend directions inspire product development and help your business move ahead with confidence.

Identifying trends is a continuous effort of gathering and analysis. We tap into a huge range of subject areas – including the worlds of art, design, science, retail, colour, food, travel, technology & the catwalk. We highlight exciting projects and pioneering ideas that are set to influence product development for the season ahead. These emerging aesthetics are filtered into themed forecasts.

Our pursuit of ideas and inspiration is endless and we have a vast archive of images.

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